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Une solution unique pour l’infiltration et le drainage sans gravier.
A unique solution for infiltration and drainage without gravel.


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consists of a 165 g / m² HDPE geo-grid envelope serged with a high resistance nylon thread, and capped with a 150 g / m² non-woven geotextile. This envelope is filled with particles of expanded polystyrene. The same product, available in two sizes, can be used for drainage and infiltration with all sections of pipes from 16 mm to 160 mm.

Drainotec® is 100% recyclable, it is an environmentally friendly product, as it allows the elimination of crushing, transport and heavy handling of aggregates.


A Drainotec® module:

  • Is extremely light: from 2.7 to 4.3 kg depending on the model
  • Will replace 408 to 680 kg of gravel / ballast depending on model
  • Its useful capacity under running water is 90% with 54% vacuum, from 58 l / m to 97 l / m.
  • Installs in less than 1 minute
  • Is anti root
  • Is 100% recyclable, with a very low carbon footprint
  • Accepts pipes from DN16 to DN160
  • Enables drainage and infiltration with a single product
  • Complies with the characteristics set out in the DTUs
  • Contributes to well-being at work and limits occupational accidents and diseases linked to heavy loads
  • Contains recycled expanded polystyrene geosynthetic particles with a grain size designed to increase crush resistance and storage capacity
  • Is prefabricated, which avoids installation errors on site
  • Protect the waterproofing of masonry walls.

Drainotec® for infiltration

Drainotec® is intended for the infiltration of rainwater or wastewater treated by wastewater treatment plants.

Drainotec® is modular and allows all kinds of configurations, whatever the topology of the land and the permeability of the subsoil.

The decrees of September 7, 2009 amended by the decree of March 7, 2012 favor the infiltration of treated water after an ANC channel. The DTU 64.1 supervising the ANC does not impose any specific rule concerning the infiltration of treated water behind a compact network or a micro wastewater treatment plant, Drainotec® complies with the DTU since it incorporates the main characteristics set out in the DTU 64.1. The hydrogeological engineers who participated in the development of Drainotec® determined the charts in order to guide the design offices and excavators in the sizing of their infiltration structures.


Drainotec® for drainage

Drainotec® is perfectly suited to all situations where gravel or ballast drains are used, whether for:

  • Peripheral drainage of buildings,
  • Vertical drainage of walls,
  • Road drainage,
  • Drainage of civil engineering works.

In the case of drainage of the periphery of buildings, once the type and section of pipe have been chosen, installed and connected at the bottom of the excavation, Drainotec® will be installed edge to edge on the pipe, taking care to have the geotextile part to the top.


Drainotec® will then take the form of the pipe, it will suffice to backfill with the usual materials.


For vertical drainage, Drainotec® will stack against the sealed walls, no Delta MS type protection will be necessary since Drainotec® will serve as protection for your walls. DTU drainage 20.1 specifies the cases where there is a risk of stagnation of runoff water in contact with the wall, sufficient for water to enter the building through the wall or through its foundation. In this case, drainage is necessary.